Recipe: Shallot wheat germ biscuit

Home Cooking Recipe: Shallot wheat germ biscuit


The first recipe that was obtained after various adjustments. With the increase in the number of baking, I gradually learned a little bit of experience, know how to adjust the amount of various materials, and make the most suitable snacks for my family's taste. The predecessor of this biscuit did not add wheat germ. After I tasted it, I always remembered it. I thought it was the best after I had eaten different kinds of snacks. So, this time I did it again, just in the wheat germ, added to the biscuit. In this way, it is more chewy and more fragrant~ Because I like to eat all kinds of food, I started to like to do it myself. I didn't specialize in it. After reading all kinds of blogs and books, I did it a little bit. I remember when I first sent butter, I made the kitchen where everything was done. Although I didn’t have a beautiful appearance, my family would say it was delicious. Maybe it contains the food of love, it will make people around you move.



  1. After the butter softens, it is feathered.

  2. Add the powdered sugar and mix.

  3. Add sugar and mix.

  4. Add the egg mixture and mix.

  5. Add wheat germ, salt, dried shallot and add sifted low-gluten flour.

  6. After mixing, put it into the biscuit shaping mold. Finished into square strips. The refrigerator is frozen so that it is better cut into pieces.

  7. Preheat the oven and put the chopped biscuits at 160 degrees for about 20 minutes. After the cookies are colored, watch them and bake them to your favorite color.


The materials can be adjusted slightly, and the baking time is based on your own oven. The fun of baking may be just that, every time it is different, you will get different tastes~

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