Recipe: Shaanxi people's souls are dreaming of Huimin Hu spicy soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Shaanxi people's souls are dreaming of Huimin Hu spicy soup


Xi'an is not a Henan version, not a meatball Hu spicy soup, is a beef grain, do not like to eat meatballs.



  1. The vegetables mentioned above are washed clean. Cut the potatoes, cut the carrots, cut the cauliflower, cut the beans, and tear the slices.

  2. Pour the beef soup and bring water. (Because the beef soup originally had salt, so this time there is no salt, and water is added.) Seasoning here, tastes slightly salty than usual.

  3. Pour the potatoes, because it is a larger piece, so cook for a while.

  4. Pour in chopped carrots, cauliflower, beans and cabbage.

  5. It is advisable to see the soup water just before.

  6. Cooked, boiled, cooked, almost cooked. (When the potatoes are a little soft) pour in the beef diced and add two tablespoons of pepper to continue cooking.

  7. Cook until the potatoes are soft and rotten, and the starch is poured into the pan and cooked. If the four spoonfuls are not enough, you can continue to add them. Add the same consistency as the hot chili soup you eat outside.


Beef soup practice: a pound of brain, cut into beef pieces, wash it with cold water, put it into the pressure cooker, and also put cumin, pepper, aniseed, ginger, cooking wine, add half pot of water (so much soup probably You can do it twice, then press the stew mode, you can.

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