Recipe: Sha Gelian Pork Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sha Gelian Pork Soup


Sha Ge is the sweet potato that we usually say. The price is low and the taste is good. It is delicious and refreshing. It is delicious and delicate, and it is very popular. It also has the effect of hangover, reducing blood, and quenching thirst. When I was a child, I ate more, very small, just a few mouthfuls, usually sold in piles, and I can buy a big pile of 1 dollar. Generally eat more raw, never thought to take it to eat, came to Zhuhai, found that you can also enter the food, cold, stir-fry, or soup. Today, Xiao Yan took the soup, and the dry autumn needs a lot of moisture! Originally wanted to buy pink, the result was not bought, it was replaced by lotus root, the same is delicious!



  1. Sha Ge peeled and cut into pieces, lotus roots peeled and cut into pieces, pig bones washed and blood, carrots peeled and cut, frozen sea bottom coconut thawed, sliced, ginger peeled slices

  2. After all the ingredients are boiled in a large fire, simmer the foam and simmer for 3 hours. Season with salt before drinking.

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