Recipe: Sesame walnut powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Sesame walnut powder



  1. First sesame in the sieve and remove the impurities.

  2. Wash the sesame seeds cleanly, the gestures should be light, and you can't stir them hard, so the nutrition will be lost.

  3. It can be fried in the sun, or fried directly. (How to fry sesame: a. First open the fire, let the sesame all get hot

  4. b. When you hear the sound of snoring, you have to open a small fire. If you keep sizzling, the sesame will be fried, so you can't eat it.

  5. c. After a small fire for a period of time, the temperature of the sesame surface will drop, then you can continue to fire on the fire.

  6. d. The medium and small fires alternate after about 30 minutes. The standard of judgment is to grab a bit of crispy sesame flavor, such as

  7. If it is too bitter to explain the fried food, then you have to throw it away, so from the point of view of insurance, you can always have a small fire for half an hour and there is no problem. )

  8. Start to fry the walnuts, do not wash, the outer layer of the walnut does not remove the very nutritious, made of powder and added rock sugar will not be embarrassed. Stir-fried walnuts should also be used in small and medium-sized fires. It is not necessary to fry for a long time. Just fry the water inside and it is crispy to eat.

  9. Walnut can't be beaten with a blender. It's all oil in a dozen. You can't make sesame walnut powder. You should use a rolling pin or a knife handle to break it. Don't knock it into powder, then you can't eat walnuts.

  10. Start the most critical step and beat sesame powder. Be sure to cool the sesame seeds before you can play them. Now put two-thirds of the sesame in the cup.

  11. Tighten

  12. Turn on the power and start grinding. Be sure to hear the idling sound from the tool below. After hitting the head, the sesame seeds became sesame lake, sticky. Some staff in the mill shop will not grind the sesame powder, and over the head, the oil of sesame will come out. So I must play at home better than them. When you see a space in the middle of the sesame, it’s almost the same. If you hit it, it will come out.

  13. You see this is the authentic sesame powder, not sticky, or dry, may agglomerate, but the hand will be scattered. Put the sesame powder in the pot or other large container so that it will be convenient to stir.

  14. Put the walnuts that were just broken

  15. Finally, let's play rock sugar. Put the rock sugar in the cup of sesame seeds and put it into powder. Sometimes the sugar is very hard, it can't be broken, but it is always broken. You can collect the broken ones.

  16. Put the powdered rock sugar on the sesame walnut. Much like Mount Fuji, haha

  17. Stir all of them evenly

  18. Now handle the canned milk powder cans. Wipe the inside with alcohol cotton

  19. Put the rock sugar sesame walnut powder into the milk powder can, fill it up, let it sit for two hours, then cover it, so that the water inside will completely evaporate, otherwise the lid will be covered and there will be water vapor inside.


1. Do not always use a big fire when frying sesame seeds, otherwise it will be easy to fry. 2. When sesame seeds are ground, it must be cooled after the sesame seeds are cooled, otherwise the sesame seeds will come out. 3. After the walnut is cooked, it is not necessary to polish it. It can be used to prevent the walnut from oiling. 4. Prepare the rock sugar walnut sesame powder to cool for about 2 hours and then cover it, then be sure to put it in the refrigerator.

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