Recipe: Sesame oil Malan scrambled egg rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Sesame oil Malan scrambled egg rice bowl


Maran can be used not only to mix incense, but also to be super delicious.



  1. Malan washed and drained and chopped for use.

  2. Eggs are broken up and salted.

  3. From the oil pan, after the oil is hot, put in the egg liquid and turn to medium heat. After the egg liquid has substantially solidified, it is placed in a chopped Malan.

  4. Smash the eggs while copying. Malan is easy to shrink after heating, so be quick.

  5. Before the pan is introduced, introduce a castor oil and stir fry evenly.


Malan is cooked first, the eggs are fried separately and then put together with sesame oil and mixed well. It should be OK, this is the egg version of Malan mixed with dried fragrant ~ It’s really delicious to make rice, and it’s quick and fragrant~

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