Recipe: Seasonal fruit jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Seasonal fruit jelly


Make your own frozen fruit without adding



  1. The dried mint is placed in a cup, and the mineral water is boiled into a dry mint to stimulate the mint flavor. I used the dried mint that I had sun-dried last year. After I found out that the magic was actually in the water, it was the same as the fresh one. So amazing. . .

  2. The strawberries are ground into a sauce. Nectarine diced.

  3. Do solid first = =. Remove the mint leaves and carefully spread them on the bottom of the bowl. In fact, the decoration is still fresh. . . . Then spread the strawberry jam on the mint leaves.

  4. Add the mint water to the lemon juice, add the cold rice powder, and mix well.

  5. Squeeze the strawberry jam with a spoon back and pour in 4. Slowly add nectarine.

  6. Put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, pour the jelly over when you eat it, and pour the favorite syrup.


I have not said the weight of water. . . Next time we called the number of grams. But this is a bit watery, not completely solid. If you like X-lang, you can add it to 2g.

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