Recipe: Seafood Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood Soup


Seafood has always been a VIP on the table, and every seafood has one of the most natural flavors. This kind of deliciousness is irreplaceable by any seasonings and sauces. Using seafood to make soup, never use chicken essence and other fresh raw materials. Just let the seafood play the true color in the soup, and then add some vegetables, so that the dish can be absorbed into the taste and then presented with different tastes, maximizing the use. Every taste is delicious! Splendid tomorrow, accompanying students to Qingdao, beer and seafood, think about the beauty of the United States ~ ~ today to give everyone a pot of seafood soup, patiently wait for you to come back and see more seafood films ~



  1. Prepare simmered, tofu cut, black fungus washed with water, prawn remove shrimp and shrimp line, soy bean bud wash, zucchini wash slice

  2. Put the water in the pot, burn it, and sip the prawn

  3. Take out spare

  4. Water in the pot

  5. After the water is opened, put in the bean curd and soy bean sprouts for 15 minutes.

  6. Add the fungus for 10 minutes.

  7. After adding zucchini, prawns, clams

  8. Cover and cook for five minutes

  9. Add the right amount of salt, add the sesame oil and chopped green onion before the pan.

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