Recipe: Seafood Mushroom Malan Head with Green Mustard Cordyceps Flower Fried Pleurotus

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood Mushroom Malan Head with Green Mustard Cordyceps Flower Fried Pleurotus



  1. Wash the seafood mushrooms, cook with boiling water, and then tear them into thin strips by hand after cooling.

  2. Wash the Malan head, cook with boiling water, then soak in cold pure water.

  3. Put the seafood in the bowl first with salt, sugar, sesame oil, 2 drops of spicy oil and mix thoroughly, marinate for 3 minutes, then squeeze out the oil juice by hand, then take it out, then put it into the Malan head and turn it by hand several times to make the taste and Evenly ready to serve

  4. It is clear and moist, clears the stomach and intestines, and can enhance the absorption capacity of the small intestine. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood to stop bleeding, and dampness and swelling.

  5. Cordyceps flowers are soaked in cold water, cleaned after soaking, steamed for 15 minutes until cooked

  6. Pleurotus eryngii is washed in a pot, cooked, sliced, and marinated with mushroom essence, abalone sauce, and starch for a while.

  7. The kale is peeled off the kale and then cut into kale slices with a diagonal knife. Be careful not to be too thin or too thick, about 0.4 cm

  8. Wash the green bell pepper and change the knife into a diamond block for use.

  9. The Dutch bean goes to the second end, goes to the two sides of the tendon, and then washes the cut diamond pieces for use.

  10. Add refined oil to the net pot, heat it to 40% heat on a large fire, pour the green sweet pepper fire oil, drain the oil

  11. Put the pot, add water to the pot, add salt, sugar, a little oil, when the water is boiling, put the kale, peas, and pour out when the peas are green.

  12. Add a little refined oil to the pot, add the ginger and musk, then pour the kale and peas. Put some water and seasoning, add salt and mushroom, stir well, add green bell pepper, hook a little bit of simmer, drip one or two drops of olive oil, mix well and put it into the dish.

  13. Add refined oil to the clean pot, heat it to 40% heat, pour into Pleurotus eryngii, sizzling oil, pan, drain oil

  14. Add a little refined oil to the pot, put the ginger and musk, pour the Pleurotus eryngii, Cordyceps flower, stir fry evenly, add 20 grams of water to a little salt, mushroom essence, (instead of MSG) stir well, hook a little bit thin Pour a drop of olive oil, turn it over, and put it in the dish, kale, peas, and green bell pepper.

  15. Green mustard and a little yoghurt are subject to personal taste, accompanied by

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