Recipe: Seafood hot sauce with water spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood hot sauce with water spinach


I do not like one of the favorite dishes of the spinach! ! The operation is extremely simple and the materials are extremely simple! But first declare that there is seafood in the wood. . . . . . .



  1. The spinach is cut into small pieces or cut into small pieces. Boil the boiled water and cook.

  2. Remove the cold water from the spinach and squeeze the water into the pan. Add seafood sauce and chili sauce, 1:1 ratio.

  3. Finally add garlic. Mix well, OK! !


There are too many chili sauces, and different brands have different flavors. My family often uses a kind of spicy sauce called "Jiajiale", which is made in Sichuan. Not famous, but very delicious! ! (This is not an advertisement, not an advertisement, not an advertisement...)

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