Recipe: Seafood chicken bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Seafood chicken bag


Everyone has a good new year. I haven’t updated the recipe for a while, because I’ve been busy for a while, and now I’m a little idle. When I chat with you online, many friends are asking me, in addition to the meat pack, there are other things. Stuffing? That's too much. I decided to launch a series of buns and can give you more choices.



  1. Wash the chicken breast, pork tenderloin, shrimp, water, sea cucumber, and clams separately, and cut into small Ding. Today, the stuffing can not be broken. If you chop it, there is no taste.

  2. Put all kinds of diced materials into a container, add seasoning and onion ginger water, and whipped slowly. The water used here should not be too much.

  3. The important thing to emphasize here is that when you mix the stuffing, use my smallest formula first, mix it and taste it. If it is not enough, add it because each salt is different, salty and light, soy sauce is also, there are thin salt and each Kind of taste, this buns should remind the original color of various ingredients, not suitable for adding soy sauce, or a black glimpse, no appetite. I want to say that the buns are eaten as staple foods. In fact, they should not be too salty.

  4. Put the stuffed in the refrigerator for one hour or freeze for half an hour, let the taste into it, and let the water collect.

  5. Add flour to the yeast, soak it, and knead the dough into a dough. Each of the lowering agents is about 35 grams, wrapped in a heart, and is proofed according to the temperature of the room.

  6. The budding birth embryo is very stressful. The fermented state is that the dough is elastic and expands about 1/3 times, but be careful not to wake up too long. The gluten cannot be supported for a long time. After steaming, it becomes a big cake.


This buns pay attention to the delicious taste of chicken, less but not too fresh, pork oily, less but not too greasy, crispy, less but not too hard, shrimp is tender, less but not too soft, sea cucumber nourish, less but not over, the finished product , supplement, fresh, fragrant, crisp, tender, very delicious. Everyone in the buns is going to do more, and doing more will naturally make the package look good and easy.

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