Recipe: Sea horse farm seven stewed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Sea horse farm seven stewed chicken


In spring, the recovery of all things is the season when children have long bones. In our Guangdong province, there are seven recipes for eating seahorse and seven chicken stews to make the growing youths grow taller. Because my family environment is not allowed when I was young, I didn't have such a good thing to eat. Now I have good living conditions. Everything that can make children grow up is trying to make food for her daughter. The two things in Haimatian are all the medicines for warming the kidney and kidney. The traditional Chinese medicine says: The kidney is the main bone marrow. The normal development of the bone depends on the abundant kidney essence, the kidney essence loss, and the bone loss. It seems that it is still a bit of a basis. The following materials are the amount of one person.



  1. Take the hippocampus to the pharmacy and smash it into powder. (Get them at the pharmacy.) It's not a waste to get into the powder, and the hippocampus won't be very embarrassing.

  2. Tianqi cut into thin slices (this can also be processed in the pharmacy), fried with chicken oil, but not too much fire, if the Tianqi fried over the fire will paste, the soup will be bitter. The best way is to fry the chicken, then turn off the heat, use the remaining temperature of the oil to put Tianqi into the pot and stir fry a few times, and watch the color change a little.

  3. The chicken is cleaned, all the ingredients are poured into the stew, simmer for two hours, add salt to the pot, and a delicious sea horse farm seven stewed chicken soup is ok.


The soup is different from the soup. The water can't be put too much. A bowl of half water will do. When chicken oil can buy chicken, it is called a chicken seller to give a small piece. This is not much needed.

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