Recipe: Sea bottom coconut fig Sydney soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sea bottom coconut fig Sydney soup


The seabed coconut is native to Seychelles in Africa and is known for its remarkable heat and cough effect. It is very rare. The fig also moisturizes the lungs and coughs, clears the heat and moisturizes the intestines, while Sydney has the effect of drying and clearing the throat. The three main materials of sea bottom coconut, fig and Sydney are put together in soup, which has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is not only suitable for the dry weather in autumn, but also a health soup that is suitable for all seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.



  1. Wash the pork spine, put it in boiling water for a while, rinse it out with water.

  2. Sea bottom coconut, fig, north and south apricot, all washed with water, spare

  3. Wash the pear, remove the core, cut the chunks

  4. Put the soup pot into 2500ml of water, wait for the water to roll, put it into the pork spine and boil it, then turn it to medium heat and cook for half an hour. Then put the remaining material into the fire and boil it to a small fire (the soup must be kept In the state of micro-rolling, cook for another hour and a half, season with salt.


1. The pork tenderloin must be hydrated before the soup, remove the blood and greasy, and the soup will be clear. 2. Clear water should be placed at one time, do not add water in the middle, so the control of the fire is very important; 3. Since the local sea coconut can not be purchased locally, it can only be replaced by the sea bottom coconut. The effect should be the same, but the dry product has no fresh fragrance.

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