Recipe: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes


Scrambled eggs with tomatoes are about the first lesson for everyone to learn to cook. There are first egg pies, there are post hog pies, some people put sugar, some people put salt, which one are you? = There should already be a lot of practice of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. The reason why I want to build one more is to mention my tips, (*^__^*) 嘻嘻... Cooking wine and water are the key, oh~



  1. Tomatoes washed and diced

  2. The eggs are broken into the bowl, and the key steps come at this time.

  3. Add a little cooking wine, water, a little salt to the egg, and then mix the eggs in one direction, so that the eggs are better.

  4. Hot pot hot oil is poured into the beaten egg liquid and stir-fried.

  5. Once again, pour the oil in the hot pot, stir-fry the chopped green onion, add the tomatoes and stir fry after the scent

  6. After the tomatoes are soft, the soup is poured out and then the shaped eggs are placed.

  7. Put salt before the pan, because before the egg liquid is put a little, so it is slightly less than usual cooking.

  8. Take the pot, put the plate, and then cut the chopped green onion to decorate it.


1. When the egg is stirred, the wine and water are added to remove the astringency of the egg, and the fried egg is more fluffy and tastes better. 2. After the egg is formed, it must be quickly popped up, because the back is still in the pan, and the egg is not good. 3. Home-made tomatoes are generally not peeled, if you pay attention to the sale, you can go to the skin in advance: use boiling water to burn it, it is easy to remove it~ 4. It is recommended not to put the tomato sauce, but more or less preservatives, or naturally come well~

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