Recipe: Scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled eggs



  1. First, the powder skin is softened with hot water.

  2. Stir the eggs and fry them on a plate.

  3. Pour peanut oil into the pot, look at yourself, add the peppercorns, octagonal pepper, and then chop the onion ginger garlic, pour the bean paste taste very fresh and oily, pour the boiled water into the boiled water, not too much, look Can be more than powdered skin

  4. Pour in the soft powder, a little salt, pour in the egg, stir fry for five or six minutes, let the eggs and powder skin taste, then lean on the soup

  5. Put the garlic yellow, some, put out the pot


I have eaten it in the restaurant, and the taste of going home is not bad. The thick sauce is a bit spicy. For friends who like to eat powder, it is a very good meal.

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