Recipe: Scrambled Egg Toast (Scrambled Egg Toast)

Home Cooking Recipe: Scrambled Egg Toast (Scrambled Egg Toast)


There is a breakfast shop in Jotun, Hong Kong, which serves breakfast food all day long, such as ham powder, egg cream, milk tea, coffee, and of course, their famous protein stewed milk, when it comes to children’s shoes. I should know that I am talking about the Australian dairy company. I woke up today and I want to eat more scrambled eggs. I did it myself. Of course, I wouldn’t do it at home, but I would like to make something similar, and my little tongue is still ok. What I am doing in the material is two parts. The eggs were originally intended to be added, but because they had to make a dessert, they left the egg yolk together.



  1. Toast (toast) is baked on a toaster, and it can be baked on a pan like my one without a toaster. Bake it out when there is a focus, put a small piece of butter on it, then watch it melt and slowly spread the surface.

  2. Add whipped cream and salt to the eggs and evenly.

  3. Heat the pot, then put a small piece of butter, apply the surface, pour in the good egg yolk, then open the fire, start to see signs of ripeness on the side, start to stir with chopsticks, and then slightly a little egg juice is not solidified It can be turned off.

  4. Put the scrambled eggs on the toast, sprinkle with black pepper and simmer, enjoy the sizzling hot, with a cup of fresh orange juice or milk tea just right, big satisfaction!


Toast can choose thick toast or thin toast, thick slices can put two egg weights, I use thin slices, so the eggs do not need to put too much, otherwise it is very greasy.

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