Recipe: Scented leaf steamed shuttle crab with double pepper oil and vinegar

Home Cooking Recipe: Scented leaf steamed shuttle crab with double pepper oil and vinegar



  1. Wash the crab, use a small toothbrush to brush it, be careful not to be clipped~

  2. Put a proper amount of water in the pot, not too much, otherwise the water will come up after boiling, and steaming will become boiled.

  3. Slice the ginger and cut half of the ginger into a thin water and boil it with water. The other half is cut into filaments and cut into fine strands.

  4. Put the steaming rack on the clear water, evenly spread the ginger and the fragrant leaves. Cover the lid and wait for the water to boil.

  5. After the water boils, put in a cleaned crab, cover the lid and steam for 10 minutes.

  6. After steaming, remove the crab, place it in the pan, and remove the used fragrant leaves from the decorative plate. Freshly used as a small pepper, cut into small circles, and sprinkle it to the plate for decoration. carry out.

  7. The sauce can be mixed with simple vinegar and soy sauce, plus a little ginger. Can also refer to the 'double pepper oil vinegar dip' recipe.


1. Steamed crab must be fresh, otherwise it is not suitable for steaming.  2, the dip is recommended to use double pepper oil vinegar, both spicy and acid, and ordinary dips are very different.  3. The crab is suitable for use immediately after steaming, otherwise the suffocation is too heavy.  4, ginger is absolutely not less, because the swimming crab itself is cold, with ginger can neutralize.

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