Recipe: Scallop salmon porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop salmon porridge


A few days ago, my old swearing sin, bloating, pain, not thinking about diet, taking care of the mirror, face-to-face, very hard work. I went to the pharmacy and took a few Chinese medicines, and the family floated with herbs. Old guest shoes on the QQ signature on the message: "Responsible cook, his stomach has not been raised. A young, pay attention to the body." In addition to moving my heart, but also helpless smile. Seven days a week, I can only eat at home for two days. This is not my wish, but for a office worker who goes out at 7:00 in the morning and returns home at 7:00, I want to go home every day and have hot porridge. The day when the soup is served is really a luxury. On the way to and from work, there are always crowds of people. Everyone is rushing to their dreams and lives. Modern urban life is a fast-forward era. We rarely slow down to enjoy some of life. Slow motion and miss many beautiful scenery. My stomach was uncomfortable and I couldn't eat, so I went to the supermarket and bought a piece of salmon to prepare for porridge. After I bought the fish, I changed it: I didn’t have a soup, wasn’t I wasting such a fresh piece of fish? Then I bought a pair of chicken skeletons and spent more than an hour simmering in a pot of broth. Slowly working out, the taste of the mellow is unmatched by those instant condensed soups. The tense week is over, and the busy children's shoes will give yourself a slow-paced life on the weekend. After you have fast-forward life, you should enjoy it slowly. Drink a bowl of your own old soup or casserole. Enjoy the wonderful taste of slipping over your tongue.



  1. Cut the chicken skeleton, wash it, put a few pieces of ginger in the boiling water, put the chicken skeleton into the water, rub it, rinse it out and rinse it out.

  2. The scallops are soaked in softness with a proper amount of cooking wine and shredded by hand. The salmon is chopped, put a little sugar and grab it, then put a little salt and oil to pickle.

  3. Put the chicken skeleton into the casserole, put in 2000ml of cold water, boil over high heat, and turn to low heat for one hour.

  4. Remove the chicken skeleton, filter the chicken soup, and place the filtered chicken soup in the casserole. Boil the chicken soup in the fire, put in the cleaned rice and shredded scallops, turn to the small fire, and simmer for half an hour.

  5. Pour the chopped salmon meat into the porridge, stir well and turn off the heat.


1 Use chicken soup to cook porridge to make the porridge taste more mellow, scallops can be fresh. 2 Do not put too much scallops, just the right amount. 3 Chicken skeletons are available in supermarkets, with three pieces of money and one pair, which is economical.

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