Recipe: Scallop pork bone white radish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop pork bone white radish soup


After the autumn, radish wins ginseng, and white radish often appears on the table at my house in autumn and winter.



  1. Wash the bones of the pig bones.

  2. Scallops are washed and soaked.

  3. White radish peeled and cut the hob block.

  4. Put the right amount of water in the pot and boil. Add the pork bone, scallops and scalloped water. After the ginger slices are boiled, simmer for 50 minutes. Add the white radish and cook for about 20 minutes until the radish is cooked. The size of the radish to determine the time), add salt, celery grains to taste.


No scallops can be replaced with dried squid. Radish can be eaten with soy sauce or chili sauce.

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