Recipe: Scallop mushroom flavored soba noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop mushroom flavored soba noodles


It is still an international student who is warming up in the late autumn to have a quick dinner. The thick broth of the slider mushroom is combined with the thick flavored sauce to create a smooth soba noodles.



  1. Cabbage and slider mushrooms are washed. The cabbage is torn into a palatable size and boiled.

  2. The slider mushroom is scattered into a single flower. Put a little oil into the non-stick pan, heat it, put it into the slider mushroom and stir it slightly, cover the lid, turn off the small fire and slowly fry until the color changes.

  3. The boiled cabbage is boiled and then boiled. The dried soba noodles I used should be cooked for about 4 minutes.

  4. At the same time, add the miso and miso into a small bowl, add a proper amount of noodle soup and mix it into a thin and thick sauce. Pour into the mushroom pot and mix well. Turn off the small fire (do not boil).

  5. At this point, it should be almost the same. Just pick it into the sauce pot and mix it evenly so that each noodle is wrapped in sauce and poured into a bowl.

  6. Put in the cabbage and pour in the right amount of noodle soup.


The starchy noodle soup is the secret of the smooth taste of the noodles. (Jamie Oliver cooked the pasta and was moved into the Japanese noodles by me =____________,=)

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