Recipe: Scallop fried melon

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallop fried melon


If you don't have scallops, it's good to pair with shrimps, or with shrimps. It's very tasty and delicious. I now like to add a little Jiahao chicken juice to freshen, used to replace chicken essence, the taste is more delicious.



  1. Scallop shelling cleaned, squash peeled and cut hob block, onion ginger shredded spare

  2. Scalloped wine, water starch marinated for a while

  3. Put a little oil in the pot, put the scallops on the fire and stir them all over the heat.

  4. Put the oil back in the pot, add the shallots, ginger and saute

  5. Add the melon and stir fry, pour in the Jiahao chicken juice, add a little water and cook for a while.

  6. Add scallops and stir well, add a little salt to taste, add water and starch


The melon tastes light and the quality is tender. It is similar to the gourd. It is fried, simmered, made into soup, stuffed, etc., such as hazelnut cake, hazelnut stuffed meat, simmered melon stewed claws, melon stewed fat duck, and melon mussel soup. And the frying tender tweezers and so on. 瓠 melon flat, sweet and light; into the lungs, spleen, kidney; with water and swelling, thirst and eliminate trouble, Tonglin Sanjie effect; attending edema ascites, hot and thirsty, sore, jaundice, gonorrhea, sputum Swelling and other diseases. The water content is 95%, and the fresh weight per 100 grams contains about 10 to 15 mg of vitamin C, as well as a small amount of sugar, phosphorus and calcium. And it contains a kind of attractant, which can stimulate the body to produce dry molecules, improve the body's immunity, and exert antiviral and tumor effects.

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