Recipe: Scallion squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion squid



  1. Wash the fish, and point the blade to the fish head from the position close to the fish head, and cut it into a fish centimeter, the knife edge is about one centimeter, and the knife angle is about 45 degrees.

  2. Burn a pot of water, add onion ginger and garlic

  3. After the water is opened, put in fish, cooking wine, salt, sugar, cook for five minutes, and simmer for about eight minutes.

  4. Put the pan, put the fish into the pan, add the chili and chopped green onion, garlic, soy sauce

  5. Hot pot, add oil to boil

  6. Pour hot oil on chopped green onion

  7. Scallion squid can be served


The chopped green onion is usually a little more, adding flavor

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