Recipe: Scallion lettuce leaves

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion lettuce leaves


If you buy celery, do you take the leaves off and throw them away? When buying lettuce, are you used to let the stall owner help you remove the leaves? Are you often peeled before the eggplant is done? The old stalk of broccoli, the skin of watermelon... Did you throw it over? One hand, how many nutritious ingredients have you thrown away? Lettuce is a common vegetable in daily life. The traditional habit of eating lettuce is to eat only its stem, but throw away the lettuce leaves and not eat. In fact, lettuce leaves are not only crisp and delicious, but also have high nutritional value. It is a pity to abandon and not eat. It has been determined that the vitamins and minerals contained in lettuce leaves are much higher than the lettuce stems except vitamins PP, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. For example, the carotenoids per 100 grams of lettuce leaves are 5.9 times that of lettuce stems, vitamin B1 is 3 times that of stems, vitamin B is 5 times that of stems, vitamin C is 3.3 times of stems, calcium is 1.5 times of stems, and iron is stems. 1.7 times that of zinc is 1.5 times the stem and so on. The content of protein and dietary fiber in lettuce leaves is also higher than that of stems. Seeing this, have you made a jump, because unintentionally, the most nutritious part of the food is thrown away by you, but you eat the part that has a good taste but a relatively low nutritional value? I believe that everyone has had such an experience. Declare, this is not a lime, they are a type of thing but definitely not a thing... good mouthful. Haha



  1. Let the lettuce leaves be washed in boiling water for half a minute, as long as the color changes; put a few drops of oil in the water to keep the leaves green

  2. Remove the cold water, drain the water and disconnect the plate

  3. Sprinkle small rings of fresh red pepper on the leaves, sprinkle with salt and chicken a little; (can use minced garlic)

  4. Topped with the prepared scallion oil, mix well when eating


In general, lettuce and lettuce leaves are not suitable for cooking. It is best to eat them separately. Lettuce leaves have a variety of ways to eat, such as the young leaves of lettuce, after washing, can be eaten with a mixture of sesame sauce and sweet sauce, taste sweet and crisp, dark green lettuce leaves can be used as soup, (such as with tofu or eggs Made into clear soup, salty and delicious); you can also use vegetable oil to stir fry, add a small amount of salt and MSG when frying, the dishes are green and the taste is delicious. After the lettuce leaves are made with water, mix with meat or scrambled eggs or shrimp skin to make stuffing, buns, dumplings, and delicious taste.

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