Recipe: Scallion lamb

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion lamb



  1. Slice the sheep's fillet, put a little egg, and mix the salt a little. The amount of onion is large and the hob is cut.

  2. The oil in the pot is a little, and the mutton slices are processed. This process is not oily, so the amount of oil should be less. Slowly heat the mutton, open the fire, add the onion, stir fry evenly, and cook a few drops of Huadiao wine. Appropriate amount, sugar seasoning, then stir fry evenly out of the pot.

  3. This dish seems simple, but the heat is very important. The mutton should be tender and tender, and the onions should be crisp and tender. Do not over-cook and prevent the lamb from being broken.

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