Recipe: Scallion fried crab with ginger

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion fried crab with ginger


I prefer to eat fried meat crabs, especially ginger and green onions. The scent of onion ginger blends with the flavor of meat crabs. It feels so beautiful. However, in the cooking process, ginger and onion crabs are more complicated than steamed crabs, but they are not complicated enough. Even if the cooking is more difficult, I will never be tired. Who will let this be good? If you have eaten the original taste of steamed crabs for a long time, try the ginger and green onion crabs. The senses and tastes are slightly different, which will definitely give you a lot of freshness.



  1. Wash the meat crab first. When slaughtering meat crabs, don't break the ropes that bind them, otherwise they will make you embarrassed. The correct way is: use the tip of the knife to go down to the crab, but don't cut the knife and crab cover. At this time, the crab will lose its original vitality.

  2. Use a knife to hold the connection between the crab cover and the crab body, and uncover the crab cover. At this time, you can remove the rope that bundles the meat crab.

  3. After opening the cover, remove the sputum and claw tips and wash them. The big ones are cut into four pieces, and the small pieces are cut into three pieces. Each piece has claws. The crab claws are opened from the joint and patted with a knife to fry. Taste

  4. Wash the slaughtered crabs and put them in a meshed container to control the water.

  5. Wash the scallions and cut into sections of about 6 cm. Ginger peeled and cut into rectangular pieces. The ginger pieces should not be too thin.

  6. Sprinkle a little powder on the meat crab that has been controlled to dryness, and gently mix it by hand. The purpose is to quickly tighten the crab meat during the process of frying the crab. Remember, the raw powder must not be too much. After mixing evenly, you can't even see the best level of powder.

  7. Use hot fire to fry the wok, when the oil is 70% hot, put the crab cover first, then put the crab body, and fry the meat crab until it is ripe, remove it and control the oil. When fried meat crabs, the oil must be more, and the oil should not be able to pass the meat crab. When you fry things, the more oil you have, the more fuel-efficient you can use. The rest of the oil can be used when you stir fry other dishes. When frying the meat crab, remember that the meat crab should not be stirred when it is placed in the pan. After about half a minute, when each piece of the meat crab is found to have a sticky feeling, stir it with a spoon.

  8. Leave a little hot oil in the pot, stir the minced garlic, ginger and shallots, add the fried meat crab, stir fry the wine, add the appropriate amount of soup (clear water), then simmer the oil, chicken powder, Season with salt, continue to stir fry, cover the lid, and simmer for 1 minute.

  9. In the process of simmering, the wok can be rotated to make the meat crab in the pot evenly heated, and the seasoning can be evenly divided.

  10. Cover, at this time you can already smell the fragrance, stir again twice, use the raw juice, sesame oil and pepper to blend the simmered juice, simmer the oil, serve the plate


The meat crab is the male crab in the blue crab. The meat crab is meaty. The crab meat of the high quality meat crab is full, smooth and sweet, and has a fragrant feeling. Eat crab taboo: crab cold, spleen and stomach deficient should eat less, so as not to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea. People with colds, fever, stomach problems, and diarrhea should not eat crabs, otherwise they will aggravate the condition. Crabs should not be eaten with tea or persimmons, which can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and vomiting.

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