Recipe: Scallion fresh fried broad bean

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion fresh fried broad bean


Once upon a time, the northerners lived in winter, and every household was to store a lot of Chinese cabbage in the winter oysters. Or stir-fry, or simmer, or stew, or mix, the boiled women make all the stops, and on a whole winter table, they count on Chinese cabbage. After the winter, there was a dish, and there was a leek. . Then the fresh broad beans are on the market, and the full pods can be simmered; there are seasonal fresh peas, the tempting green and green. . At this time, what kind of fate will the two remaining Chinese cabbages in the winter 窖?



  1. Fresh broad bean peeling and peeling

  2. Put the bacon fat in the non-stick pan, slowly push the oil out of the small fire, pour out the oil residue and discard it.

  3. After adding a small amount of cooking oil to heat, the green onion is scented;

  4. Add a little water and cook for about 2 minutes until the broad beans are cooked thoroughly.

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