Recipe: Scallion fish (fish belly)

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion fish (fish belly)


The market buys fish and sees that the fish is too large. Her husband likes to eat fish and buy it. I originally wanted to eat soup and supplement collagen, but he proposed to bring a steamed fish bun, and want to steam the juice, but without the cardamom, come to a green onion fish, it is delicious.



  1. The fish bun is removed from the fat, cleaned, and cut into pieces too much.

  2. Add ginger, a little salt, steam for 15 minutes (I will steam when cooking, easy to steam)

  3. Add the oil to the hot pot, add the chopped green onion, add the soy sauce and boil the juice, stir in the steamed fish bun, delicious and refreshing ~


Dry fish belly bubble is relatively troublesome, occasionally eating fresh fish bun, it feels good. Add some parsley should be better~

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