Recipe: Scallion chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Scallion chicken


The four key points of burning vegetarian chicken: 1. The pot should be hot, otherwise it will stick to the bottom. 2, the oil should be hot, otherwise the two pieces are easy to stick 3, the vegetarian chicken should be drained after washing, and should be slightly dried after slicing. If you don't have time, you can use a kitchen napkin to suck the water, otherwise the oil may spill. 4, the two sides can be fried and the oil foam is almost formed. Do not fry too long, otherwise the taste will be old.



  1. Put the pan on the fire, first heat the pan, then pour the oil (slightly more), after the oil is hot (the oil temperature must be hot, otherwise it is easy to stick the bottom, the two pieces stick together, and the skin is not easy to fry), one piece One piece is fried in vegetarian chicken, and one side is fried and then fried on the other side.

  2. Wait until the two sides are fried out (from the appearance of oil foam molding)

  3. Pour off the excess oil, add the remaining oil to the fried chicken, add some water, add the appropriate amount of salt, cover and cook for three or four minutes.

  4. When the soup is thick, add some sugar, a small amount of MSG, and sprinkle with chopped green onion.


1. The vegetarian chicken must be drained after washing, otherwise it will splash out when fried. 2, to prevent oil splashes, you can add some salt in the oil, so that it will not spill 3, the pot must be hot, the oil must be hot, so the fried chicken will be beautiful 4, seasoning can be based on each person's taste, like sweet can add a little more sugar

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