Recipe: Savoury Lemon Chicken (Ghost Chicken)

Home Cooking Recipe: Savoury Lemon Chicken (Ghost Chicken)


Yunnan glutinous chicken, hot and sour appetizer, no spicy, not a must have a dish ~ every time we cook chicken soup, chicken breasts are not eaten, = = so this time take the chicken breasts out to do this separately The dishes are all gone! The lemon was a bit big, and it didn’t feel enough to squeeze in half at first. So use the materials to make their own decisions, Dad said that the seasoning of cooking is not fixed, so it is based on the feeling =. = You can use the whole chicken to do it, or you can use chicken legs or something.



  1. If the chicken breast is boiled, you can add half of the fruit or not. Then tear it into chicken wings, and lay a layer of coriander leaves on the bottom of the plate for later use.

  2. Ginger and garlic are cut into the end, the finer the coriander and millet are cut, the better, put a small amount of drinking water, soy sauce, pepper oil, salt, a small amount of MSG in a small bowl, while adjusting the taste.

  3. Finally, cut the lemon and squeeze the juice, add a small amount of brown sugar (the brown sugar is used to adjust the sour taste, or not) and then pour the prepared soup on the chicken. carry out.


1. The lemon is volatile, so make sure to adjust the taste of the soup and squeeze the lemon. It is best to use yellow lemon. 2. Add some salt when cooking chicken breast. 3. The thinner the chicken is torn, the better. 4. Our family can eat spicy, so Xiaomi spicy put 4. 5. You can add some poppy seeds to taste, the supermarket has to sell.

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