Recipe: Sauteed squid with vegetable salad and sour cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauteed squid with vegetable salad and sour cucumber


I am now more and more advocating the origin of the Western food name, at least I went to the restaurant to order, what I want to eat, what I can eat, at a glance. How good. Looks like a bit of a problem, in fact, said so much, but also want to lead to the dish I want to do today - sauteed squid with vegetable salad sour cucumber, huh, huh, long name? I don't have to work hard to get the name of the dish. I have to do it at a glance.



  1. Take out the squid and thaw at room temperature

  2. Bitter chrysanthemum, cherries, radish, purple cabbage washed, bitter chrysanthemum removed the top leaves, only the most tender part; cherry radish to head and tail, cut into thin slices; purple cabbage cut silk. The above ingredients are ready, soaked in water, spare

  3. Below we make Thousand Island Sauce, it is very simple, that is, the salad dressing can be added to the tomato sauce. The ratio is 3:1. In general, I added some French granules, but I didn't buy them. Then I added a little sour cucumber, which is not bad. After adjustment, spare

  4. After the squid is thawed, rinse it with water, open it twice, then add a little lemon juice, marinate it, and leave nothing else.

  5. Heat the frying pan over the fire and pour in the vegetable oil. When the oil temperature is 70%, the marinated squid is cleaned with a kitchen towel, placed in a pan, and the pan is rotated to make the fish fully heated. The wooden handle of the frying pan is long and feels very comfortable. It is not too difficult to promote the body.

  6. Close the small fire, cook for about two minutes, spread the freshly ground black pepper and the right amount of salt evenly on the fish, then gently turn the fish over with a special wooden shovel.

  7. At this point, you will find that the directly heated side of the fish body is already beautiful and beautiful. Ok, continue to sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper on this side. After 3 minutes, turn over

  8. Repeated twice, our fish was fried. Turn off the fire and put it in the tray

  9. In the process of frying fish, you can sneak in, take out the vegetables and vegetables, control the water, mix them together, put them on the pan head, cut the slices of pickled cucumbers, and put them in the plate where you think it looks good. Then use the spoon to hold the spoon in the right place on the plate.

  10. Ok, now the fried fish will be put into the plate with a special wooden shovel and put on the table. Oh, I believe it will attract a compliment.


In fact, the so-called squid, that is, Jiaji fish, Chinese food likes to use it to steam, especially in Cantonese cuisine, but it must be fresh. And we do this dish, go to the supermarket to buy which kind of frozen. Packed in bags, pure fish. Chinese medicine believes that Jiaji fish has the effect of nourishing the stomach, nourishing the spleen, hurricane and transporting food. Lemon can increase the vitality of the heart. Therefore, I think this dish is suitable for all people and is healthy and delicious.

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