Recipe: Sautéed pork tenderloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Sautéed pork tenderloin


Today, I have a taste of the best, and I have nothing to say.



  1. After the tenderloin is washed, use the back of the knife to make the fiber of the meat scatter, so that the meat is more flavorful.

  2. The tenderloin is cut into pieces and marinated for 30 minutes with edible oil pepper + chicken + salt + sugar + cooking wine.

  3. Put enough oil in the pot, first stir the pepper + ginger + garlic, then add the marinated tenderloin stir fry, put the cumin powder. Finally add green pepper, this time you can add some oil to the pot, so that the green pepper is better cooked.

  4. Add vinegar before the pot, you can start. Very much a meal for dinner.

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