Recipe: Sausage Cardamom Noodles (Noodle Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sausage Cardamom Noodles (Noodle Edition)


Suddenly I want to eat bean noodles, but there are only beans in the house, and I have turned over the recipes in the kitchen. They all ask for fresh noodles. I can't emphasize the use of noodles, but I don't want to go to the market to buy them, and the fresh noodles sold in the nearby market. I didn't like it very much. I decided to try it with the noodle cake at home. The result was successful. The noodles were very tasty, and there was no boiled or sticky pan. It was accompanied by the refreshing of the bean and the salty smell of the sausage. It was delicious.哒^O^



  1. The bean is picked and washed, cut into or cut into small pieces of about 3-4CM. The sausage is cut into thin slices. Don't be too much. It only takes 6-8 slices of sausage. It will be salty.

  2. Put the oil in a hot pot and add the chopped sausage to the saute

  3. Put the processed beans in the pan and stir fry them. Stir fry for about 1 minute. Add water to the pan.

  4. Add a little oyster sauce (there is no soy sauce), not too much, mainly for the noodles, the sausage is very salty, too much oyster sauce will be too salty, then sprinkle a handful of sugar, stir fry in the pan to make seasoning Mix evenly, then cover the lid and squat for a while

  5. I probably got a little softer when the water was a little bit. When the water was a little less, move the ingredients in the pot a little bit to the side, vacate a little bit, put the noodle cake in the pot.

  6. When the cake is put in the pot, there is water in the pot, let the cake be boiled in the water, and gently stir the soft cake with chopsticks or spatula to let the noodles loose.

  7. When the noodles can be completely loosened, adjust the ingredients in the pot, try to cover the noodles on the beans, so that the noodles can directly touch the bottom of the pan, and then you can cover the lid again.

  8. When the lid is covered, the water in the pot should not be too much. It takes about 3 minutes to collect the juice. Slightly stir it with a spatula and let the noodles evenly spread the sauce. Pot, open to eat!


1. Emphasis: The noodles mentioned here refer to a whole piece of noodles like instant noodles. It is not a kind of noodles. Otherwise, it will stick to the pan. I use the noodle cake of the farmer. 2. It may be used. Instant noodles can also be used. Different brands have different degrees of cooking. You can try it yourself. If you cook it too badly, you can put less water or put it later. 3. When you put the cake in the pot, It is placed directly in the broth, so it is necessary to remove the other ingredients slightly out of the vacant position, and then the noodles must be loosened when the noodles are cooked a little softer. 4. The noodles must be loose. Cover the lid, otherwise it will be easy to cook into a cake. When you are licking, it is best to cover the noodles on the beans. When you finally collect the juice, you don’t have to wait for the juice to dry. Leave a little sauce and mix it slightly. The noodles are also very good. 5. I use a salty and heavy sausage. So I don’t have to drink salt. It’s already very good. If you use the sausages that are not so salty, you can add more in the step of adding the oyster sauce. Salt seasoning 6. I don't eat onion ginger garlic, but like it The person who eats can put the garlic and saute before the step of adding the sausage.

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