Recipe: Sausage broccoli with anti-cancer effect

Home Cooking Recipe: Sausage broccoli with anti-cancer effect


This food is shared by parents and children. The broccoli is a delicious and nutritious home-cooked dish. Broccoli is a popular vegetable. It is delicious and nutritious. High, and high medicinal value. It is rich in vitamin C, which is much higher than the amount of pepper. It also has anti-cancer effect, its efficacy has been recognized by people all over the world, broccoli has the highest nutritional value and disease prevention effect far beyond other vegetables, ranking first.



  1. Prepared sausage, broccoli, carrot

  2. Broccoli washed and smashed into small flowers

  3. Carrots and sausages are cut into pieces

  4. Inject water into the pot, boil and add the appropriate amount of salt and a few drops of oil, and simmer into the broccoli.

  5. The drowning broccoli is directly taken into the cold water. Drain the water after showering

  6. Another pot, inject oil, fragrant ginger, sauté carrots and sausage slices and stir well

  7. Broccoli into the drowning continues to stir fry

  8. Add salt, season with chicken, pour in thin simmer, and pour in sesame oil.


Adding a little salt and a few drops of oil to the broccoli can lock the broccoli's nutrients and make the broccoli more green.

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