Recipe: Sauerkraut fried fish roe

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauerkraut fried fish roe


Oh 嚯嚯嚯(^o^)/~ Absolute rice killer ah pro! !



  1. Wash the fish seeds and drain the water, do not peel off the outer film; cut the scallions into pieces, cut the green onion into green onions; ginger slices; sauerkraut changed into small diced; dried red pepper cut into small pieces;

  2. Put a proper amount of oil in the pot, and cool the oil into the red pepper section and the ginger piece and slowly fry the incense;

  3. Pour the fish seeds into a quick stir-fry to make them discolored;

  4. Add a little salt and turn it over, cook a proper amount of cooking wine to add flavor; add appropriate amount of soy sauce, a little steamed fish oyster sauce to fry the fish seeds;

  5. Add a small bowl of water and cover for a while, transfer to chicken essence, sprinkle with chopped green onion and stir fry.

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