Recipe: Sauce stewed meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce stewed meat


Sauce steamed vegetables, because of the convenience often do, rice cooker steamed when cooking, when you have no appetite or low mood, you want to eat it, a meal, full of vitality. The sauce is full of flavor, although it is called steamed pork. In fact, the most refreshing and delicious meal is the vegetable dipped in the soup. It tastes good taste of meat and sauce. I have a spoon with this dish. I can't stop with a spoon. Oh.



  1. Cut it into white.

  2. The pork loin is smashed into minced pork, sprinkle with dry starch when it is good, and a little minced garlic to the minced meat, then simmer and let them mix evenly.

  3. Put the white diced on the bottom, and spread the pork into a thin patties.

  4. 3 scoops of bean paste, 1 scoop of white sugar on top.

  5. Then you can discharge the rice cooker or steamed in the steamer. It is OK to open the meal!

  6. You can add some sesame oil or sprinkle sesame seeds. If you don't like it, you can omit it.


1. The amount of pork needs very little, basically a small piece. The tenderloin can be used. Adding starch when it is added can make the meat more flavorful and not firewood. 2. Douban sauce is not spicy, like spicy and spicy! The bean paste is very salty and does not need to be salted.

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