Recipe: Sauce dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce dumplings



  1. Put the bought dumplings in a light salt water and wait for it to spit out the sand.

  2. Put in a pot, add a little boiled until just open the fan, turn off the fire

  3. Adjust the sauce, 5 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 spoonful of rice wine, 1/3 spoonful of white sugar, 3 pieces of ginger, stir open

  4. Remove the hazelnuts, pour some of the original juice into the bowl, and then mix the sauce in the practice 3

  5. The scorpion is shelled and the mud is removed.

  6. Pour the scorpion meat into the broth for half an hour, sprinkle with chopped green onion, and you can eat it.


1. The scorpion must be fresh, and many of the supermarkets are sold. It can only be seen one by one. It is a dead or alive. If you look at it, take it up and pat it with two tentacles. The ones that are not moving are dead; the supermarkets sell them for a long time, and they are artificially farmed. There is not much sediment. Take it back, add some salt, and wash it a few times. 2, the key to this dish is the preparation of the sauce, the key of the sauce is soy sauce, the variety and brand of soy sauce are too much, the difference in taste is also big, pay attention to the point with Lee Kum Kee can not be worse, if not, then use Haitian Seafood soy sauce, the one-yuan, one-pack of soy sauce is poured in such a quantity, and you may only taste the inferior soy sauce when you eat it; 3, do not put salt, do not put MSG, unless you want to freshen your hair and teeth.

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