Recipe: Sauce duck wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce duck wings


Last night, the duck wings on the banquet were very popular. The elders were not eager to eat and drink and chat. The juniors smashed and squatted on the crowd, and it was fun...



  1. The duck wings are cleaned, the cold water pot is boiled, the water is removed to the color after the water is removed, and the residual small hair on the duck wings is removed while flushing;

  2. In addition, add the old halogen and duck wings to the pot, and add water according to the amount (depending on the amount of old halogen). It is better to have no duck wings or 2/3;

  3. After the fire is boiled, add the onion and ginger slices, add the appropriate amount of red yeast rice water, and open the lid for 5 or 6 minutes to color the duck wings. Turn over the low heat and cook for 30 to 40 minutes.


The amount of old halogen in each family is different. It is necessary to add an appropriate amount of water each time you cook it. Generally, it is better to have no ingredients or 2/3 of ingredients when you are still standing (when you boil, you can have no ingredients). With soy sauce, the old halogen will usually be cooked more and more black, or the more cooked and salty, you can use red yeast rice water to correct the color, and then add salt or rock sugar when seasoning; the specific cooking time can be customized.

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