Recipe: Sauce duck leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce duck leg



  1. Wash the duck legs, change the water twice, remove some of the grease

  2. Cold water into the pot, after the fire is boiled, remove the floating foam

  3. Take it out and put it in the basin

  4. Wash the green onions and cut into sections, ginger slices, and serve the appropriate amount of garlic. Prepare the cumin, clove, pepper, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, dried chili, and put it into the ingredient box or put it in the homemade gauze bag.

  5. Put a proper amount of cold water in the pot, boil the onion, ginger and garlic.

  6. After the water is opened, put the duck legs and seasoning bags that have been simmered in the water into the pot, boil the fire, remove the floating foam, and simmer over low heat.

  7. Prepare a portion of soy sauce. If you smoke, you can add more. The old color is heavier, and the amount is added.

  8. When you can easily pour the duck meat with chopsticks, add some soy sauce and rock sugar. Cover the lid and cook for about 45 minutes on low heat.

  9. Put the stewed duck leg into the dish and let it dry.

  10. Cut the duck sticks to the plate

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