Recipe: Sauce bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce bag


In recent days, Weibo has been rumored to be rumored that [stomach pain does not pay attention, Beijing girl died of acute gastric ulcer], In the past few days, I have also had a gastritis episode because I have eaten too much spicy food at one time. After the pain, I realized that the body is the foundation of existence, and we must be pampered. The stomachs of the loved ones should start with a good breakfast. It’s also a very enjoyable thing to watch the bloggers’ breakfast photos every morning. The porridge, noodles, fruits and vegetables are all available, and they admire the sisters who carefully prepare breakfast for their families. I also want to quickly join the add-on breakfast brigade. As a northerner, pasta is still a food that our family can't afford. Then come to the main force of breakfast - buns.



  1. Wash the meat and put it in a pressure cooker. High pressure rice cooker I use

  2. Add the right amount of water, no meat. Pour in soy sauce and soy sauce and mix evenly

  3. Put all the seasonings in, you can wrap them in gauze and put them in the pot.

  4. Boil the meat until it is soft

  5. Hot oil in the pan, sauté the onion ginger, add the sweet noodle sauce and stir fry for a few seconds.

  6. Mix well after turning off the heat, don't fry

  7. Pour the fried sauce into the chopped marinade, add some braised pork and mix well. The soup can be added more, the buns made out of this will not be too dry.

  8. The yeast is dissolved in warm water, and the flour is made into a dough that is not soft or hard. Fermented to twice as large, and then divided into small pieces of the same size

  9. Put the small amount of mink in the meat and wrap it in a steamed buns. Burst for 30 minutes

  10. Cool water pot, medium heat, 30 minutes after boiling

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