Recipe: Sauce abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Sauce abalone



  1. Ready-to-eat abalone removes packaging and shells

  2. Yellow rice wine, soy sauce, chicken essence, sugar, water, starch, onion ginger and garlic ready for use

  3. Put a little oil in the pot, pour the scallions and ginger into the rice wine, then pour in the appropriate amount of soy sauce, then add sugar, a little chicken essence and a little salt (according to personal taste, can not put) into juice

  4. Put the ready-to-eat abalone into the pot for one minute

  5. Take out the abalone that has been tasted, and leave a little soup in the pot.

  6. The starch is owed into the pot, and the soup is viscous and poured on the abalone.


To make the abalone to master the heat, the abalone itself is cooked, so it doesn't take too long, otherwise the meat is not tender.

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