Recipe: Sand tea, oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Sand tea, oyster mushroom


Shacha sauce is one of the signature sauces in tabletop cuisine. Its rich taste and special aroma will make people very fascinated. With the rich taste of the sand tea sauce, the cooked Pleurotus eryngii is not only smooth and juicy, but also full of aroma.



  1. Cut the shallots, cut the parsley, slice the ginger, open the garlic, cut off the onion and peel it off, slice the sweet red pepper, and peel off the old ribs from the middle. Pleurotus eryngii is cut vertically and cut in half from the middle. Cut the cross knife on the outside and cut into pieces to stir fry.

  2. Fried fragrant Pleurotus eryngii: Heat the pan and add a little salad oil. Add in the oyster mushroom pieces and fry until both sides are yellow. If there is soup, pour it out and keep it.

  3. Prepare the sand tea sauce: Put all the seasonings in the ingredients table sand tea sauce into a small bowl and adjust evenly.

  4. Heat the wok and add the right amount of salad oil. Add ginger and cut garlic and saute, add in onion, honey bean, sweet red pepper, stir fry until the onion becomes transparent. Add the fried oyster mushroom pieces and stir well. Add sand tea sauce, scallions, scallion, stir-fry over a large fire.


Pleurotus eryngii is applied with a cross knife to better absorb the taste of the sauce. After the fragrant apricot mushroom, it will ooze a lot of water. Please keep these juices. When you cook, add them to enhance the taste.

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