Recipe: Saltwater goose

Home Cooking Recipe: Saltwater goose


My goose has been in the refrigerator for a long time. The color is a bit strange. (╯▽╰) Please ignore it, and this is a simple version of the family.



  1. First add 50 g of salt and 10 peppers, 3 star anise, two pieces of fragrant leaves into a pot and stir fry for a while, then add hot to the washed goose and add ginger and green onion.

  2. Marinated for four hours

  3. Take the goose out and air dry (this will make the meat chewy)

  4. Put the dried goose into the pot, add the water without the goose, 30g of salt, 10 peppers, two leaves, three octagonal (of course, you can also use the bell pepper leaves in front of the pickled four And star anise)

  5. Boil the fire, remove the white foam, then turn to low heat for more than half an hour until the meat is completely cooked. Chopsticks can be easily poked.

  6. The cooked goose can be eaten directly in diced pieces, or it can be marinated in the soup until the next day.

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