Recipe: Salted fish fillet with kale

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted fish fillet with kale


I found that the big vegetable market far from home has the heart that I couldn't find before, and the kale can buy it. I am very happy. I recently bought an unknown small salted fish. In fact, the seller and I told me the name, but I didn’t remember it. I wanted to come back and eat it. Later I found that it was salty and couldn’t be imported. So I can only put them. It’s very good to eat the salted fish and eggplant. It is used to stir the kale today.



  1. The kale is drained and drained to remove the old skin of the root. If it is tender, it does not need to be peeled. The leaves of the root are usually older, the old leaves are removed to leave the top leaves, and the oblique knife is cut;

  2. Hot oil pan, sautéed garlic and salted fish, put in kale, sprinkle with ginger and stir fry slightly. Pay attention to the heat must be large enough. Sprinkle a little water with your hand and sprinkle it into the pan to avoid scorching and salty. The salt of the fish seeps out;

  3. After sprinkling the water twice, evenly sprinkle a little wine to the scent and season the pan. The salted fish I bought was too salty and there was no additional salt.

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