Recipe: Salted egg yolk treasure crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted egg yolk treasure crab



  1. Cut the treasure crab into 8 pieces.

  2. Set the bowl, add wine, ginger, MSG, salt and salt for 15 minutes. Then take dry starch.

  3. The salted duck egg yolk is steamed and crushed.

  4. Chive the minced; ginger slices.

  5. When the pot of vegetable oil is burned to 60% heat, put it into the treasure crab piece of dry starch, and fry it.

  6. 10 grams of the original pot of vegetable oil is placed on the medium heat, stir fry in the salted duck egg yolk, then add wine, chicken, pepper, MSG, then add the fried crab pieces and stir fry, so that the egg yolk evenly spread Wrap it on the crab pieces, sprinkle with chopped green onion, pour in sesame oil, stir fry evenly, and serve in a pan.


Production key: Use fresh live treasure crabs; when you are cherished, you must be evenly sized; when fried, you must fry them.

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