Recipe: Salted egg yolk asparagus

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted egg yolk asparagus


After the asparagus and scallions are drenched, the water is slightly drained, and the dried starch is evenly mixed. The salted egg yolk is more likely to be stained, and it is more delicious. P.s. salted egg yolk is generally cooked, if it is only raw, you can cut the salted egg yolk, sprinkle a few drops of white wine, put it in a covered glass bowl and cook it in a microwave oven (for about 40 seconds)



  1. Wash asparagus and scallions, shave the old skin, and cut the knife into small sections

  2. The water is boiled, salt is added, and the asparagus and scallions are watered separately, slightly drained, sprinkled with starch and mixed well, and the salted egg yolk is chopped.

  3. Heat the pan, pour a little oil, pour the salted egg yolks, stir fry until simmered, and the flavor becomes thicker.

  4. Turn the fire, add asparagus and scallions, stir fry until evenly salted egg yolks

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