Recipe: Salted egg mustard soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted egg mustard soup



  1. Ingredients: ginger, 400 grams of mustard, 2 salted eggs

  2. Mustard leaves the leaves in pieces and wash them. After soaking them in salt water for more than 20 minutes, cut the small pieces before the pot, and simmer the ginger.

  3. Put 3~4 bowls of water in the pot, put the ginger in and boil it, put the mustard into it, use the chopsticks to press the dish, pour a few drops of oil, cover the lid and boil.

  4. After the water is boiled again, don't cover the lid again, smash the salted egg, use the chopsticks to cook the salted egg yolks and cook them faster. Cook for 15 minutes with medium heat.

  5. Salt and chicken seasoning can be used.


1: I must remember to put some ginger, the taste will be much better; 2: Salted eggs have salt, and finally salt should be seasoned, put a little less, try not enough; 3: The mustard greens of the soup should be slightly softer and better to eat; 4: Salted eggs are pickled foods. Don't eat too much. Occasionally eat as much. When you don’t put salted eggs, it’s good to put some lean meat and fish head to cook mustard soup. 5: Green vegetables must be washed first, then if you are afraid of pesticides, you can first boil a pot of water, put the dishes into the water, then rinse them out and then put them into the soup.

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