Recipe: Salted egg fried white (original)

Home Cooking Recipe: Salted egg fried white (original)


Salted egg fried white: The homemade salted egg is a bit too salty, and you have to find a way to eat instead of throw it away, so use it to stir fry vegetables!



  1. Cut white shredded, salted egg cut into small pieces, onion ginger cut into small pieces

  2. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil after the pot is hot, add the onion ginger and the pickled pepper, add the salted egg and stir fry.

  3. Then add the white silk and stir well, cover the lid, and chill the fire for a little 2 to 3 minutes (in order to avoid adding a little olive oil), do not add water until the white becomes soft.

  4. Add a little vinegar (may not add), stir fry evenly and out of the pan.


Because salty and pickled peppers are salty, you can add salt without adding salt or a small amount.

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