Recipe: Salt scorpion

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt scorpion


After diving in the kitchen for so long, I have been learning with the great gods. The kitchen friends are so powerful, I really admire them. This salt scorpion is super simple, the ingredients are only salt, the simpler and more delicious the seafood.



  1. The tweezers that have just been bought are cleaned and drained.

  2. Put a layer of salt on the plate first. It's not a little thicker. Put the drained tweezers up into the salt and you must carry it up.

  3. Put each tweezers in a good position. It is better to hold them tight. After the pour is spread, sprinkle the other half of the salt on it. Slightly press it with your hand and put the fire in the microwave for ten minutes. At this time, the plate will come out with a lot of water and be taken out. .

  4. After pouring the water into the microwave oven for another ten minutes, if there is still water at the bottom of the plate, put it down again and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. This is the fragrance has come out, the salt is very dry. The meat is slightly dry and the saltiness is just right.


The scorpion must be facing up, the salt is best to find a thicker, fine salt is easy to run into the mouth of the scorpion, it will be very salty.

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