Recipe: Salt-roasted squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt-roasted squid


When you go to a Japanese restaurant, you will always order a salt-roasted squid when you have no choice. It was not until I did it that I found it so easy.



  1. Raw squid section washed, dry surface moisture

  2. Salt on both sides, marinate for about 15 minutes

  3. The oven is fired at about 220 degrees, and the fish skin is placed face up on tin foil, in the upper layer of the oven.

  4. After the fish skin is slightly dried (after about 2-3 minutes), you can brush a layer of cooking oil.

  5. After roasting until the fish skin is discolored, turn it down and the lower layer of the oven continues to roast until the fish tastes right.


The process of grilling fish is actually quite random and does not need to strictly observe the time. Baked to the skin of the fish skin is beautiful, and the fish is sour and oily. Serve with lemon juice. To be the same as the Japanese shop, you will grind some white radish.

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