Recipe: Salt fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt fried shrimp


For a cook who is busy cooking after work, how to make a convenient and delicious dish is always a problem and a subject that needs to be studied tirelessly. Shrimp undoubtedly provides a solution to the problem. Salt-fried shrimp is undoubtedly one of the best answers. It is convenient enough, fast enough, and porridge is delicious!



  1. Shrimp washed, cut on the back, better taste

  2. Big fire, heat in the pot, drain the oil, heat the oil, put the shrimp, sprinkle a little salt

  3. When frying until the age of eight, sprinkle a little salt and salt powder and cumin powder.

  4. Cut a small piece of lemon, when you eat, you can squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the shrimp, the taste will be more delicious appetizing

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