Recipe: Salt fried saury

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt fried saury


In the market, even if it is chilled, it is rare to buy a good saury; occasionally it is a bit of a blessing. The most common practice of saury is to roast or fry, and the price is very close to the people; if it is delicious, it feels like eating a big meal.



  1. The saury will open the viscera and the fish gills. It is necessary to clean the blood clots and black membranes in the fish belly to reduce the astringency;

  2. Use kitchen paper to clean the water from the fish; cut the lemon in half and wipe it over the fish with a half-cut slice of the lemon to avoid sticking the skin when frying;

  3. Put the fish flat on the cutting board, and use a sharp knife tip to stick the knife on the front and back sides of the fish body to the depth of the fishbone; this way, the knife can keep the shape when it is fried.

  4. Start to marinate before preparing to fry. Sprinkle with pepper salt from the beginning to the end (spray in the edge of the fish body as much as possible), then sprinkle with ginger powder and finally brush a layer of cooking oil; remember to operate the same on both sides;

  5. Heat the non-stick pan to 80% or more, and add the saury to fry; if the diameter of the pot does not fit the whole fish, the fish can be cut obliquely into two sections; about 2 minutes of medium-fire can be turned over, then Fry for 3 to 4 minutes, and sprinkle with black pepper granules and squeeze the lemon juice.


Can not ensure that the absolutely fresh saury is still safe and hygienic after eating the viscera; there is a very obvious pattern between the back and the abdomen of the saury, along which the knife can be cut; the knife should be sharp, the scratch should be sharp, so It is very convenient to handle the food; the fish must be cooked and marinated, so don't worry about not being tasted, so that you can taste the pure original taste and the perfect meat quality; believe me.

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